B2B Content Distribution


To understand the best channels for B2B content distribution as well as the best format (pictures, timing, keywords).

Early Findings

Best Medium/Channels

  • LinkedIn is the most efficient and cost effective way to distribute B2B content.
  • Blogging is an easy way to distribute B2B content, specifically when sharing content about pain points or solutions to pain points.
  • Though time-consuming, whitepapers and e-books can educate and inform clients while establishing the creator as an expert on the subject matter.
  • Email Newsletters can be an effective way to distribute content and educate clients.

LinkedIn Best Practices

  • How-to and lists content peforms better on LinkedIn than other types of content. In addition, content with word counts between 1700-2100 words perform better.
  • Linkedin posts should have titles have between 40-49 characters and should be divided into 5-7 headings. Also, exactly 8 images or pictures should be incuded in the article.
  • Posts on LinkedIn should be published on Thursday for maximum viewing.

Blogging Best Practices

  • Blogging should be done on a regular schedule in order to create a rhythm with clients.
  • Blog posts should include at least 2 images. Best practice is one image for every 350 words. However, images should be relevant to the content.
  • In order to keep reader attention, blogs should be easily digestible and visually appealing. Use short paragraphs, bulleted or numbered lists, and white pages.

Whitepaper/Ebook Best Practices

  • White papers and e-books should discuss issues and pain points relative to the client and not about the publisher's product or services.
  • Statistics and data points should come from third-party sources in addition to in-house.
  • Facts and data should be backed up with easy to read visuals such as graphs and charts.


  • The best days of the week to send email newsletters are Tuesday and Thursday during the early morning hours as that is when most business leaders read their emails.
  • Headlines should should be compelling using keywords that will have the most impact on the audience.
  • Newsletter content should offer value to the client in the form of education, specifically something new or useful.

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