Research Outline

Twitch Gamer Audience Demographic and Psychographic


To optimize a strategy for a campaign in the gaming industry, information is needed on the gamer's audience/followers behavior on Twitch in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Nordics. Specifically, information is needed on the demographics of this audience, the most played games on Twitch, Twitch usage, the audience's motivation and behavior surrounding watching/following games, why they follow a Twitch influencer and how they engage with such an influencer.

Early Findings

General Information Twitch

Twitch in Germany

  • There are 247,820 tracked channels in German, 7,114 of those channels are currently broadcasting, and 129,652 viewers are watching channels in German.
  • The top 3 live German streams are Shlorox who has 8,195 viewers, SummonersInnLive with 5,782 viewers, and TrilluXe with 5,203 viewers.
  • Shlorox, who has the most viewers, plays Grand Theft Auto Five, on average 4,710 viewers watched this and there were a total of 14,195,012 views of Shlorox playing this game. Other games played by Shlorox include Arma III, Just Chatting, IRL and Counter Strike.

Summary of Findings

  • In the initial hour of research, information on Germany was sought.
  • Information on the top channels, their number of viewers, and the top games played on these channels was found.
  • There is a lot of analytics available on Twitch. During the initial research, there was insufficient time to find a demographic or psychographic profile of the German Twitch user and, if available, it would require further investigation. There was a general profile on the average Twitch user available (male, age 18-34), but it was not possible to confirm if this was applicable to Germany.
  • Please note that gamer's audience/followers are understood to be the audience/followers of Shlorox for example who has a channel and streams games. If this understanding is incorrect, kindly mention in comments below what the correct definition is when choosing an option for further research.
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