Research Outline

English-speaking Personal Development TAM


Gain the Total Addressable Market globally for English-speaking personal development, to support a seed investment in, a learning content marketplace for self and skill development, as well as any other figures such as SAM and SOM that would support investment interest.

Early Findings

While there was limited data specific to English-speaking vs non English-speaking market size, we were able to find the following global figures on the TAM and related market opportunities for English-speaking personal development to support investment in a new social network and learning content marketplace for self and skill development.
  • The market size for personal development globally was $38.28 billion in 2019.
  • The projected growth rate of this market is 5.1% per year from 2020 to 2027.
  • While there is no figure available regarding how much of this market growth is English-speaking, it is noted that North America accounts for the largest share of revenue in the industry (35%), and that in the European market, there is an increasing participation "in personal development programs relating to psychological and spiritual fitness".
  • The popularity of online platforms for self-growth and personal developments, specifically within the millennial segment, is a key driver of market growth.
  • As related to, it's also noted that the holistic segment of the personal development space attributes for nearly 50% of total revenues.
  • While there was no note on average global attendance, well-known US institutes with workshops and seminars related to holistic self-improvement attract on average 156,000 attendees per year.
  • The market for holistic institutes related to personal development is also noted to be a still maturing market.
  • Website MyComeUp is a social network for creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders looking for personal development.
  • The website, which gives users access to a personal development dashboard, has gained 120,000 total users since their launch.