Research Outline

Nurturing Corporate Sponsor Relationships


To provide research statistics that highlight the values and benefits nonprofits gain by nurturing corporate sponsor relationships and partnerships, such as the increase in awareness, overall fundraising, etc. This includes:
  • some recent quantitative statistics/statements in this regard, the research projects they came from, and the organization that published the data.

Early Findings

Initial research indicates that the requested information is not available in the public domain. Hence, we have pivoted the research to look for other helpful information relevant to the project goals. This is reflected in our findings and in the scoping options below.

#1: Journal of Business Ethics

  • The abstract section of paywalled research published in the Journal of Business Ethics examined "whether nonprofits that have a greater number of integrated cross-sector partnerships have greater capacities for financial management, strategic planning, external communication, board leadership, mission orientation, and staff management than nonprofits that have other types of inter-organizational relationships."
  • "Hierarchical multiple regression analysis drawn from surveys of 452 nonprofit organizations suggests that cross-sector collaboration is not systematically related to increased capacity."

#2: Volunteer Logistics

  • In an article published by Volunteer Logistics, they summit that corporate partnerships for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are vital to external contributions, as corporate giving makes up a valuable part of those contributions - "in 2018, charitable contributions from corporations amounted to about $21.4 billion."
  • They further went on to provide some benefits of maintaining corporate relationships for NPOs, which included more operating funds, enhanced community standing, increased volunteer pool, and wider influence.

#3: Causevox

  • A blog article published by Causevox shows that "the potential of for-profit partnerships is high, as it’s estimated that several billion dollars of dedicated charitable money go unclaimed from corporations annually–and that’s just from matching gifts."
  • In explaining the potential of corporate bodies as fundraising partners, they submitted that "each year, The Gauntlet benefits a different nonprofit. In 2017, they raised $138,751 for Treehouse, a local organization for foster youth.

#4: The Modern Nonprofit

  • An article published by Modern Nonprofit provides the benefits and values in nonprofit-corporate partnerships. In the article, it highlighted how Verizon helped Gary Sinise Foundation (which provides programs that benefit first responders) to organize a fundraising campaign where for every Twitter retweet of an ad deployed by Verizon, Verizon would donate $1 to the nonprofit up to $1.5 million.
  • Furthermore, because of how Verizon architected their Twitter campaign ($1 = 1 share), it's said that they’d reach hundreds of millions of consumers on social media organically while sharing the ad message.


  • Within the first hour of research, we were not able to identify any research statistics that highlight the values and benefits nonprofits gain by nurturing corporate sponsor relationships and partnerships. We researched through academic journals, industry articles, survey reports, and media articles but found no statistics in this regard.
  • We only found qualitative information and a case study of how a nonprofit-corporate partnership yielded a fundraising campaign for the nonprofit. There were also some qualitative pieces of information regarding the benefits and strategies of a nonprofit-corporate partnership, as well other related information.
  • To pivot the research to the above helpful findings, we recommend further research. Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below.