American Craft Beer Drinker Demographics


To develop a demographic profile of the American craft beer drinker, particularly race, age, language spoken, and household income to guide the targeting of social media ads.

Early Findings

American Craft Beer Drinker Demographic

  • According to market research firm Nielsen, the average weekly craft beer drinker is primarily male, between the ages of 21 and 44, and makes between $75,000 and $99,000 annually.


  • American Craft Beer drinkers are 68.5% male, and 29.1% female.


  • Non-Hispanic whites make up 85.5% of craft beer drinkers. Non-white ethinicities made up 14.5%.


  • The average craft beer drinker is in a higher income bracket, most likely over $75,000 per year (87%).

Miscellaneous Demographics

  • 21% of craft beer drinkers are willing to purchase a craft beer they have never heard of.
  • Of monthly craft beer drinkers, 66% will only buy from their region, and 57% will only buy locally.

Results of Initial Research

Our initial research was able to provide a demographic with all needed areas, but language. Further research sent us to the US Census where it was stated that Spanish was the most spoken foreign language in non- English-speaking homes. This information indicates that English would be the most common language spoken in this demographic, followed by a small percentage who would be speaking Spanish.

Proposed next steps:

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