Insights on the Audiences of Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins


To find out insights on the audiences of Oprah Winfrey & Tony Robbins to better understand the motivations of the audiences in the transformational or self-help space, and marketing techniques used to reach them. Type of insights to be looked at include age, gender, income, brand affiliations, social media habits, television affiliations etc.

Early Findings

Insights on the Audience of Oprah Winfrey

  • It has been found that Oprah Winfrey still manages to continue as a first-rate influencer because a major chunk of her audience is made up of a demographic which is powerful and often ignored: women in their forties.
  • At the 2018 Golden Globes, Oprah delivered a speech that went viral resulting in a significantly large movement calling for Oprah to run for president. According to experts, the movement was largely driven by millennials and amassed inspiration to young people.
  • Oprah is also found to have a significant impact on today’s pop culture. She is revered by many young women who see her as their ultimate icon.
  • As far as the audience demographic of Oprah Winfrey Network or OWN is concerned, it is believed that a lion’s share of OWN’s programming is promoted to a black audience.

Insights on the Audience of Tony Robbins

  • Analyzing the website traffic of Tony Robbins’ official website, we managed to obtain the following insights on his audience type. The top five countries which generate the maximum volume of traffic to his website are: United States (48.68%), Canada (5.76%), United Kingdom (5.49%), Australia (3.17%) and India (2.72%).
  • 12.87% of the entire traffic on Tony Robbins’ official website is from social media.
  • Users who visit also find interest in the following categories: computer electronics and technology, news and media, programming and developer software and business and consumer services (e.g. online marketing).

Insights on the Audience of the Self-Help Industry

  • Research has found that, over the years, baby boomers have been the main consumers of the self-improvement or self-help industry.
  • However, there can be seen a shift in the type of audience with millennials becoming the largest population group representing the future for this market.
  • To keep up with the millennial audience, a new generation of self-improvement experts are disseminating their content through internet, podcasts, online courses, telesummits, MP3 downloads, apps, websites, masterminds, phone coaching, and webinars.

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