Females 25-40, Social Cause Brands


Gain data and statistics on females aged 25-40 on likelihood to purchase from brands with a social cause versus those without, in order to build an e-commerce website

Early Findings

  • As they are often the primary shopper for households, women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchases in the US.
  • Many of the top traits female consumers admire in brands are related to social good; Inclusivity, Assertiveness, Fairness, Persuasiveness, Helpfulness, Empathy, Transparency, Relatability, Authenticity, and Commitment.
  • Incorporating a social may help reconcile a key challenge with female consumers, given 80% of women noted they don’t trust brands anymore.
  • Brands that are making impacts on collective well-being outperform the stock market by over 200%.
  • Brands that integrate social impact can enhance sales by as much as 20%.
  • These brands are also able to improve reputation in such a way that it increases their potential market capitalization by 11%.
  • Female consumers have stronger reactions to corporate social responsibility than male consumers, and are more likely to have their purchase activity impacted by the perception that a company is doing good.
  • Another study of female consumers showed that women more actively pursued responsible brands than male consumers.
  • Millennial consumers of both genders were most likely to have a brand's association with a social cause impact their purchase decision.
  • Conversely, 47% of customers of both genders are less likely to purchase from companies whose social values and promises don't line up with their business practices.

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