Trends and Disruption in Construction Materials Affecting Architects


To identify the priorities and challenges of architects and building developers/owners as it relates to construction. To provide trends and disruptions they are concerned about when it comes to construction materials.

Early Findings

Finding the right materials

  • One of the biggest challenges for architects is finding the the right materials to make the construction work.
  • While there is multiple different technology applications that help with the design of a structure, there is very little that offers help in the search of the right material.
  • Moreover, companies have been increasingly trying to cut cost by focusing specifically on lower-cost materials and higher-speed production.
  • This is especially challenging because using the wrong or lower-quality materials can ruin a project or lead to problems with its price value and the interest towards it.
  • Some of the most used materials in construction are wood, cement, clay, concrete, marble, and different types of metals, including carbon steel, aluminum, copper tubing, and stainless steel.

Software Adoption

  • It has been reported that only 8% of architects use software to take measurements while over 75% still use pen and paper.
  • The adoption of the new BIM software was also rather slow, which created unnecessary compliance and time issues with projects.
  • In fact, the biggest issues that are caused by the slow adoption of software and technology applications include time and profitability.

Proposed next steps:

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