Recreational Vehicle Industry in the United States


To conduct an analysis of the Recreational Vehicle industry in the US in order to find out what's going on in the RV industry and ecosystem.

Early Findings

The Recreational Vehicle Industry: Key Statistics and Market Size

Growth in the Recreational Vehicle Industry

Competitive Landscape of the Industry

Trends in the Recreational Vehicle Industry

  • RV buyers are developing a preference for smaller and simpler models over large, fancy trailers. This is because larger vehicles are harder to maneuver and maintain, and is tough on the user experience.
  • The changes in preferences as well as the increased influence of millennials in the industry have caused RV manufacturers to develop a wider range of models under the 30 feet long.
  • Manufacturers and other stakeholders in the industry such as truck companies, are making more efforts to communicate better with each other, with manufacturers focused on producing a better quality of product more than the prices of their products.
  • Fiberglass RVs are a growing niche in the industry because more effort is put in to manufacturing them, and they represent better quality than their tin counterparts at a reasonable price.

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