Rimini Street Competitors: Alteryx


Provide background information on Alteryx to have an understanding of their business model, company positioning, overall product/solution offering, business challenges, competitive landscape and marketing objectives and to formulate smart questions and demonstrate an understanding of their business.

Early Findings

"Alteryx is a leading provider of an end to end data science & analytics platform for the enterprise. They provide self-service data science and analytics and design their software to make advanced analytics accessible to any data worker.

One of the services Alteryx provides is some third-party software support for Oracle, like Rimini Street."

More information on Alteryx is provided here.

Proposed next steps:

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Since this researched focused solely on Alteryx, we would recommend running similar background on MicroStrategy, a similar company and competitor to Alteryx and Rimini Street. This can be done to see if differences exist between how organizations in the same space but with varied revenue sizes operate in the market.
Alternatively, we could take a look at Talend and DataIku, other service providers in the business intelligence/analytics space.