Paid Social Media Marketing Best Practices, Fashion


Gain an understanding of best practices in paid social media marketing for fashion brands, with a focus on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, as well as any case studies of casual fashion brands like Levis or Gap, or more premium brands

Early Findings

  • Using Canva ads is also becoming more popular with brands, which allow business accounts to create immersive ad experiences.
  • Buyable Pins on Pinterest are also a new best practices for fashion brands looking to promote items or increase exposure for their brand.
  • Other general best practices for paid social media advertising include being aware of the business objective as you design a campaign, knowing the target audience and designing ads with them in mind.
  • Fashion brands should determine whether impressions or engagements are more important to their advertising goal, and aim to maximize their key focus.
  • Fashion brands should carefully select their platform, with Facebook noted to be the most engaging platform for fashion consumers age 18 to 34.

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