Corporate Employer Brands - Case Studies


To gather case studies of successful corporate employer brands' social media campaigns, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, in order to develop a new campaign for USAA Careers.

Early Findings

SYKES Latin America

  • Through 2017 and 2018, SYKES Latin America, alongside Hootsuite, ran a social media campaign to attract high-quality candidates and stand out in their market.
  • Each month, they scheduled up brand-aligned content to post on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). They focused on creating "creative, editorial, and journalistic storytelling." The creative can be seen here.
  • They focused on "reducing direct recruiting messaging" and telling employee stories to help "paint a picture of life at SYKES."
  • With the help of Hootsuite, the company understood more about their followers and created "content strategies for specific audiences."
  • In one year, the company's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels increased by 51%, 83%, and 113% respectively. Its Facebook following increased to 47,000. Its social media engagement increased by 83%, about 20% of job applicants were hired successfully, and digital hiring costs decreased by 41%.

Proposed next steps:

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