Ambassador Programs


To gather case studies of direct to consumer health food and beverage or health supplement brands that have implemented successful ambassador programs among teens and millennials. The information will be used to understand how an ambassador program can help attract a younger audience.

Early Findings

Boxed Water is Better

  • Boxed Water has a regular brand ambassador marketing program focused on younger consumers that aims to lead them to make environmental and ethical decisions. This campaign has a double effect that "taps into millennials’ preference for brands aligned with causes while delivering a wholesome message."
  • Through its website, Boxed Water invites young people to apply to the program and use the hashtag #BetterPlanet on Instagram posts with pictures of Boxed Water products, as well as engage with the community and invite people to spread their message.
  • Through this program, the brand has planted over 1,000,000 trees.

Proposed next steps:

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