Food Delivery Apps: Customer Acquisition Strategies


To obtain case studies of food delivery apps that have conducted successful consumer-focused campaigns for acquisition. To determine the channels and messaging that were most successful to build strategy and communication ideas for a business pitch.

Early Findings


Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Its organic traffic is 6,719,882 every month.
  • Zomato takes up keywords and creates pages/links out of them. It ranks high on a number of keywords.
  • We are not able to determine how it utilizes SEO as this information is not public.
  • Furthermore, Zomato gets back-links from 12,274,172 unique domains.
  • Additionally, it gets "233 back-links from high authority domains such as .gov and .edu domains."
  • For all these reasons, it has garnered high website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

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