K12 Education Software Trends


Determine the trends from the past twelve months in the K12 education software sector. Obtain also a list of key players in this industry.

Early Findings

K12 Education Software Trends

Increasing Application of Immersive Technologies

  • Immersive technologies are being used more in K12 education as they were now more cost-effective and accessible.
  • These technologies can help educators teach various subjects to their students in an immersive manner.
  • Students can go on virtual field trips around the globe and obtain hands-on technical training through VR environments without the need to go out of the classroom.
  • Companies such as Microsoft have created several software programs for their VR educational headsets.
  • Last year, the company mentioned that it has created an "Immersive Reader" virtual software that can enable students to develop their reading skills in an enclosed virtual environment.

Growth of Blended Learning Applications

  • Blended learning further enhanced integrated education by making some of the lessons to be available online.
  • Some schools have been depending on blended learning to replace missed classes caused by temporary class suspensions.
  • Blended learning can also help K-12 students to be more ready for higher education where online learning is more prevalent.
  • Pearson Education provides a software that can be used to conduct learning sessions and assessments.

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