Research Outline

Top medical podcast - plastic and cosmetic surgery


To obtain information on the top medical podcasts related to plastic and cosmetic surgery. The research will also provide information such as ratings, hosts, any awards or notable information, target audience, and among others.

Early Findings

Top medical podcast

  • Some of the top medical podcasts related to plastic and cosmetic surgery include Plastic Surgery Talk, The Natural Plastic Surgeon, What’s Your Wrinkle®, the plastic surgery show with Dr. Arthur Perry, and Plastic Surgery Weekly.

The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show

  • The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show is hosted by certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. The podcast discusses topics such as health and beauty, practical tips to lose weight, lastest medical tips, among others.
  • The podcast has over 180 episodes to date.

The Natural Plastic Surgeon

  • The podcast was created to provide answers to the most asked questions about plastic surgery and share the real stories and experiences of patients and industry professionals.

Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay

What’s Your Wrinkle

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