Research Outline

Robotics Project Financing


To support the development of a startup that provides system integration and financing support for industrial robotics companies by determining the existing pathways for project financing for revenue positive projects that involve hardware/software components, including the most common sources of capital, their approval criteria for providing financing and the steps involved in executing this financing. In parallel, to identify 5-10 capital-offtake providers.

Early Findings

Project Financing within the Robotics Industry

Banks that Specialize in Robotics Financing

  • With that said, banks are joining the roster of angel and venture capital firms that specialize in offering their capital to robotics companies.
  • Although there appears to be no pre-compiled list of banks that are targeting robotics startups, the research team identified several bank-led robotics financing programs.
  • Nexseer offers "Creative and Flexible Financing for Robotics" within the following parameters:
    • "Project, installation, and construction financing available
    • Single transactions or master lease lines $1MM to $50MM
    • Equipment leases and loans
    • Cross border, international, and multi-currency
    • Investment grade, middle market, and turnaround credits
    • Up to 10 year terms
    • Financing for software, soft costs, installation, etc."
  • US Capital Corporation similarly provides "Robotics & Automation Equipment Financing."
  • DLL offers major lease and usage-based financing solutions for software and robotics-related needs.
  • Notably, such robotics-oriented financing programs may be explored further to identify the typical criteria and steps involved in setting up and executing project financing to robotics companies.

Robotics Accelerator Programs

  • A variety of accelerator programs are offering company and project financing to robotics companies, including RobotUnion and RobotShop.
  • Similarly, these accelerator programs may be assessed to identify the typical criteria and steps involved in setting up and executing project financing to robotics companies.

Capital-Offtake Providers

  • Meanwhile, initial research indicates that there is limited, pre-compiled information about capital-offtake providers within the robotics industry (or in general).
  • However, generic best practices around structuring capital-offtake agreements can be further researched.

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