Research Outline

Private Swim Instructors in Marin County, California


To provide a list of private/at-home swim instructors operating in Marin County, California.
  • The instructors should have experience working with children aged 3-5.
  • The information on the instructors should include their contact details, level of experience, and the pricing of the swimming lessons.

Early Findings

In our preliminary search, information for at-home/private swim instructors that offer lessons to children based in Marin County, California is relatively available.

Examples of At-Home Swim Instructors in Marin County

AquaMobile Swim School

AquaMobile Swim School offers private swim lessons at clients’ homes throughout a wide range of locations, including California and specifically in cities in Marin County such as Novato and San Rafael.

1. Instructors' Experience

  • AquaMobile employs mature swim instructors "with a minimum of three years instructing experience, are university aged or older, and are certified and insured."

2. Operating in Private Residences

  • The swim instructors operate at the client's convenience enabling the clients to "choose the number of swim lessons each week, as well as the timing of each swim lesson."
  • Lessons can also be easily rescheduled within a 24-hour notice.

3. Offering for Children Aged 3-5

4. Pricing

  • 30- minute lessons for one student aged 6 months-4 yrs: from $49/lesson based on the location.
  • 1 hour or longer, split cost for up to 6 students aged 6 months-adult: from $65/hour based on the location.

5. Contacts

Summary of Findings

  • During this first hour, we found three companies that provide at-home swim instructors with experience handling children aged 3-5 that operate in Marin County. We provided details on experience of the instructors, how they offer the at-home/private residence service, the offering for the 3-5 age group, pricing, and contact details for one of these organizations (AquaMobile Swim School).
  • From our research, more granular details related to pricing and the name/contacts of a particular/suitable swim instructor are determined by entering specific details on the location of the potential client. As such, the pricing and contact details we have provided in the example are general, and we expect the same for other examples without more specific details on the location.
  • We suggest continuing with the research to provide similar details, as done for the AquaMobile Swim School, for the other two swim schools identified (Sunsational Swim School and the SwimmingSwan); as well as continue with the search for 3-5 other such swim schools or swim instructors that satisfy the provided criteria.