; Sex and Porn Addiction Partnerships, Influencers, and Podcasting Ideas


To provide any collaborations and brand partnerships, as well as influencers or ambassadors and podcasting ideas on pornography and sex addiction.

Early Findings


  • Eli Nash is an influencer and ambassador on porn addiction. As a former porn addict, Nash uses his past experiences to reach out to other addicts on platforms such as TEDx. His message primarily revolves around how to escape porn addiction.
  • Nash also uses his social media accounts such as Twitter to reach the youth and talk about the dangers of porn and sex addiction.
  • Platforms such as Spotify and Anchor are some of the collaborations and brand partnerships supporting influencers or ambassadors of porn and sex addiction recovery such as Eli Nash.

Podcasting Ideas

  • When dealing with people who are struggling with sexual addiction, pornography or any form of sexual impurity, a casual approach can help people feel understood and relate to the topics at hand.
  • Other than offering guidance on how to beat addiction, there is also a need to give hope of recovery and healing.
  • A podcast that focuses on helping people overcome sex and pornography addiction should be open, candid, informative, and dwell on recovery-focused topics and ideas. Engaging experts to weigh in on advice and give feedback can also be helpful.

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