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Determine whether media publishing companies are using proprietary solutions or SaaS for customer relationship management (CRM), specifically subscription management. Identify the main uses of CRM software that is in use.
Furthermore, determine Lineup's competitors and the capabilities of their CRM software. This information will be used to develop a competitive analysis for Lineup Systems.

Early Findings

Current Media Publishing Company Practices

  • Vice and many other media publishing companies have built their own CRM platforms.
  • Vox Media, Washington Post, New York Media, and Hearst have built their own publishing platforms and are now licensing them out to other media publishing companies.
  • The platforms built by Vox Media, New York Media, and Hearst are all SaaS platforms.
  • The Financial Times has a proprietary tool to manage customer relationships.
  • The Economist uses Lytics, a machine learning tool, to manage user experience.
  • In the US, 78% of newspapers charge for digital access, meaning that digital subscription management has become an important part of operations.

Main Uses of CRM Software

  • CRM software companies advertise their products to media publishing companies by saying that their products increase revenue from digital ads, streamline operations across departments, automate orders flow, and more.
  • A competitor to CRM software is customer data platforms (CDPs), which gather data from customers, identify key audience segments, and increase sales.

LineUp's Main Competitors

  • Owler notes their main competitors include CloudSense, Brainworks, Advendio, Newscycle, Vlocity, Invision Inc., Apttus, Callidus Cloud, Newzware, and ChikPea.
  • Some top providers of CRM software for the newspaper and publishing industry include Gemstone Sales, MultiPub, AdPlugg, DigFabster, Joomag, The Newspaper/ Magazine Manager, and Smart Publisher.
  • Pico is a startup that aims to use first-party data to improve CRM for media publishing companies.

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