Research Outline

Female General Partners


To obtain a list of leading/influential/prominent female general partners (GPs) to start a venture capital (VC) with. Preferably, these GPs should have experience in impact investments, be networked to accredited investors, and have been to Burning Man.

Early Findings

Hayley Barna

  • In 2017, Hayley Barna became the first female general partner at First Round Capital.
  • Before getting into venture capital, Barna was the co-CEO and co-founder Birchbox. At First Round, she has contributed significantly in "developing an angel co-op, which provides proven operators with capital and expertise to invest in their peers".
  • Her LinkedIn profile can be found here.
  • Barna took part as a judge and mentor at the fourth CommonBond Social Impact Award.

Sara Brand

  • Sara Brand is the founding general partner at True Wealth Ventures, which is an early-stage VC fund that invests in women-led businesses.
  • Her venture capital is focused on "consumer health and environmentally sustainable products and technologies".
  • As a woman who is eager to find investments that are aligned with her values, Brand is interested in "high impact investment".
  • Her LinkedIn profile can be found here.