Canadian Radio Market: Overview


To obtain an overview of the Canadian radio market including details about the major players, ratings status, working of their ratings system, revenue, digital audience, and trends being adopted in the radio market. This information will be used an article about best practices for digital for the Canadian radio market.

Early Findings

As we dove into the background search of this topic, we reviewed several industry reports, private companies' databases like Statista and others. As per our initial research, it seems that most of the information on the current trends in the Canadian radio market is paywalled. However, we were able to gather some details on a current trends being adopted by top players in this market. A summary of our findings is provided below:

Canadian Radio Market

  • The radio market in Canada is a $1.6 billion industry.
  • The major players in the Canadian radio market are Bell Canada, Rogers, Corus, Newcap, and Cogeco.
  • Bell and Rogers combined claim over 60% of the total Canadian radio market.

Market Share

  • Bell Canada: 25%
  • Rogers: 14%
  • Corus: 8%
  • Newcap: 10%
  • Cogeco: 8%

Average Daily Digital Audience By Areas

  • Toronto: 5.64 million listeners in 2019
  • Vancouver: 2.35 million listeners in 2019
  • Calgary: 1.32 million listeners in 2019
  • Edmonton: 1.25 million listeners in 2019
  • Montreal: 833,000 listeners in 2019

Trends in the Canadian Radio Market

  • The Canadian radio market is currently facing a threat because of the growing internet-connected cars which in turn affecting the industry.
  • To face the threat, companies have already started releasing applications having all radio stations in one place. For instance, Rogers released the “Radio Player” app and Bell released the "iHeart Radio" application.

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