Research Outline

Homeless Tax


To identify the cities that have funded homelessness programs by implementing an additional tax of any nature on its population. A complete list of the cities that have passed a "homeless tax" would represent the ideal response. The research should also identify how these taxes are being implemented.

Early Findings

Homeless Tax

  • On 4 November 2021, it was reported, Denver had approved a new sales tax, the proceeds of which would fund housing, services, and support for the homeless. The sales tax was set at 0.25% but will not be levied against "groceries, water, fuel, medical supplies or feminine hygiene products." In Denver, it is estimated the tax will raise $40 million per year in funding for the homeless over the next ten years, costing each family approximately $5.25 per month.
  • This presents a somewhat change of heart by Denver City, having voted against reversing the controversial urban camping ban just last year. More recently, the city had aced increasing headlines for its "sweeps" of the homeless near the State Capitol and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • With 64% of voters agreeing with the measure, the smooth transition of the empowering law required to implement the tax is somewhat an anomaly in tax circles.
  • California is reportedly considering a corporate tax to fund homelessness.
  • Virginia has been reported in passing as considering similar measures.


  • We have created a Google spreadsheet to report the data required. This will enable comparisons to be made between cities. The details relating to Denver have been entered into the spreadsheet.
  • Out initial research suggests, if a city has implemented a homeless tax, the majority of the information required will be relatively easy to locate.