Audio Content Engagement Statistics


Determine statistics that describe the engagement levels for a piece of audio if accompanied by visuals and videos. The information will be used to emphasize the importance of adding video elements to audio content.

Early Findings

Audio Content Engagement Statistics

  • Audiograms were found to gain five times the target metrics and traffic compared to static images in podcast-related posts on social media.
  • Audiograms are static images that are transformed into a video by combining audio, a waveform, and texts.
  • Visuals and images have been found to better accompany content compared to texts only.
  • Social media users are more likely to engage with content that contains images.
  • Around 40% of those who are online will give a more positive reaction to visual posts than simple text content.
  • Facebook posts that contain visuals have been found to gain "2.3 times more engagement" that those content with no accompanying images.
  • Social media posts that have accompanying images were found to gain 94% more views than those without them.
  • The number of views can further jump by 48% if they have both visuals and videos.
  • Video is one of the "most important visual aspect" that is highly used in content campaigns.
  • Posts about podcasts on social media have been known to get more engagement if there is an accompanying image.

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