Coffee Consumption Habits - Quebec vs. Canada


To understand how coffee consumption habits and behaviors differ in the province of Quebec when compared to the rest of Canada, in terms of types of brands that are more likely to be consumed in Quebec vs all other provinces, demographics, and psychographics (consumption behaviors/habits, perceptions, and reasons to indulge).

Early Findings

Coffee Consumption - Canada

  • Canada has a coffee consumption estimated around at 3.9 million (60-kilogram bags).
  • Coffee per capita consumption: 7 kg.
  • About 2/3 of "Canadians enjoy at least one cup a day with the average at 3.2 cups/day. "
  • Canadian adults (ages 18-79) consume coffee more than any other beverage, including water.
  • Canadian men consume an average of 3 cups of coffee, while women consume 2.4 cups.
  • Canadians prefer traditional coffee, followed by espresso-based beverages.

Coffee Consumption - Quebec

  • Quebec has the highest penetration of daily coffee drinkers (67%) among the Canadian provinces.
  • About 67% of adults in Quebec (over the age of 18) drink coffee every day, while 63% of adult Canadians drink coffee every day, with an average coffee drinker consuming three cups a day.
  • Lattes are most popular in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.
  • Americanos are most popular in Ontario, British Columbia, and Manitoba.
  • "Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador prefer drip coffee."

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