CEO Information


The goal is to identify the LinkedIn page, articles written, and interests of the requested CEOs.

Early Findings

  • We have compiled the information into the attached spreadsheet for ease of comparison.
  • The current CEO of Pitney Bowes, Marc Lautenbach, does not have a LinkedIn page, aside from this link. Thus, there are no articles authored by Marc or commented on by Marc on LinkedIn.
  • We also found no LinkedIn for Michael Neidorff of Centene.
  • We did not find a LinkedIn for Leonard Schleifer of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.
  • Jack Dorsey of Twitter does not have a LinkedIn account. He does, of course, have a Twitter account.

Proposed next steps:

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While some of the CEOs do not have LinkedIn accounts for unknown reasons, we were still able to find articles written by them, or interviews of them that featured their interests and views on leadership and culture. We suggest continuing with six more CEOs, added to the same spreadsheet.
Alternatively, we could add more detail to each of these CEOs and provide more insight into their leadership and culture beliefs and interests, as derived from their comments or interviews.