Global Technology Mega Trends


Determine mega trends in the tech industry that are expected to happen globally in the next five years. The information will be used as talking points in a conference with IT professionals.

Early Findings


  • By 2024, half of the jobs that are currently done manually by laborers could transition to robots.
  • Other emerging high-potential industries by 2020 and beyond include 3D printing, big data, and virtual commerce.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided an overview of some of the megatrends in technology that have the potential to massively impact the world in the next five years. Given that there are many resources available to provide the information, we propose continuing the research to identify 3-5 additional mega trends in the technology sector globally. For each trend, we will provide a description, the reason why it is a trend, and examples of companies that are starting to apply the trend. We will ensure that compelling data will back up the trends. We will primarily rely on deeper data sources from industry experts. We will not use sources from Forbes and Fortune articles.