Sexuality Through Online Courses


To understand the trends, market size, and popularity of online courses in the US, EU, and Israel, and to determine the feasibility of creating an online course focused on Tantra sexuality.

Early Findings

Trends in Online Courses and Education

Proposed next steps:

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To find all of the information requested, we propose conducting additional research in order to find the online education market size and market growth for the US, EU, and Israel. We can start by providing 1) the market size and growth of the US (since the information is readily available), 2) the market size in the EU, 3) the market growth in the EU, and 4) the market size in Israel. Market size may be determined by revenue or enrollment numbers.
Additionally, we suggest more research into the interest level of Tantra sexuality education both online and offline in the US, EU, and Israel. The interest level can be determined by enrollment numbers or growing trends.
Furthermore, as requested, we also recommend research into 2-3 top-rated Tantra sexuality courses or products for an overview of their marketing strategies and successful content.