Research Proposal

Psilocybin & Psychedelic Venture Capital


In order to assist in setting up a new VC fund, provide the top five VCs in the area of Psilocybin & Psychedelics.

Early Findings

The initial research found that while there are new VC funds in the area of Psilocybin & Psychedelics, there are no pre-compiled lists ranking the top such funds. As such, we chose leading funds based on their mention in prominent media sources.

Field Trip Ventures

  • Field Trip Ventures is a Canadian VC fund founded by Ronan Levy, Joseph de Moral, and Hannan Fleiman.
  • The fund will be geared towards investing in the potential uses for psychedelics, including medicinal uses as potential treatments for depression, addiction, and PTSD, among others.
  • The fund will start investing in late 2019, and will only accept funding from accredited investors and VC capitalists.

Bicycle Day Ventures

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