Marketing Vitamin C Complex


Find demographic and psychographic characteristics of the best target audience and the most efficient ways of reaching said audience to market a new high-end Vitamin C complex nutritional supplement.

Early Findings

Nutritional Supplement Market

  • In the US, 76% of adults (in 2017) took nutritional supplements.
  • Also in 2017, supplements bought from Amazon amounted to 77% of all US sales online.
  • One of the top trends said to be reshaping the nutritional landscape includes the “emergence of direct-to-consumer nutrition brands.”

Getting 1000 Customers

  • Thales Teixeira, associate professor at Harvard Business School, believes new startups, when seeking to acquire customers should ask themselves “why did [my customer] buy from me and not the alternative?” And that this kind of self-tailored approach to marketing will help get them the best customers for their businesses.
  • Some entrepreneurs used Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences tools to market on its platform, others reviewed customer segmentation, family and friend referrals, and hosting community events.
  • A prominent trend in getting customers includes content marketing. Over the last 5 years, organic acquisition costs have risen and content marketers are demanding higher salaries.

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