New Applications and Digital Experiences


To determine the value a digital product studio adds to clients by researching on the failure rate of new applications and digital experiences. This will show that digital products are faced with difficulty when entering the market.

Early Findings

Statistics Surrounding the Failure of Mobile Applications

  • 77% of mobile users stop using a specific application three days after downloading it.
  • 21% of users abandon an application after their first use.
  • 71% of mobile users admitted to deleting an app three months after they downloaded it.
  • 80-90% of mobile apps launched in app stores are abandoned after a single use.
  • A mobile app loses around 77% of its daily active users within three days of its installation.
  • 35% of mobile application engagements last less than one minute.
  • 30% of mobile apps fail 12-18 months after their launch.
  • Over 60% of applications on the Google Play Store experience an 80% reduction in downloads after the first week of launching.
  • Two-thirds of mobile applications do not get 1000 downloads.
  • 24% of users stop using apps after the first visit.

Examples of Mobile Applications that Failed

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