Kombucha Beverage Customer Journey


To determine the values and needs of a hard kombucha beverage consumer.

Early Findings

Values and Wants of Hard Kombucha Beverage Consumers

  • According to Forbes, hard kombucha beverages appeal to health-conscious alcohol consumers who do not want to "disrupt their wellness-focused' lifestyle.
  • Hard kombucha is made of natural ingredients and does not rely heavily on sugar. Hard kombucha is consumed by individuals looking for beer alternatives.
  • According to the Flying Embers' vice president, Kyle Ingram, hard kombucha consumers are "consumers that value a health and wellness lifestyle and are searching for a ‘better for you’ alcohol option that doesn’t take away from their active lifestyle."
  • According to Forbes, the savory flavor and more tart of hard kombucha resonate with cider fans.
  • According to Welltodo, hard kombucha growth is driven by consumer pivoting "away from drinking sugary, calorie-laden drinks."


  • During our preliminary research, we were able to find some insights on the values and wants of hard kombucha beverage consumers. Information on hard kombucha beverage consumer journey may not be publicly available.

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