Choosing a Video Production Company


To identify how marketing professionals and advertising agencies choose a video production company.

Early Findings

Initial findings did not identify specific research sources marketing and advertising professionals use in determining a potential video partner. However, many resources, articles, and blogs by industry experts provide comprehensive guides for these professionals. In addition, there exists a wealth of recent resources detailing how to choose a video production company and the aspects or factors that should be integrated into the decision-making process.

Customer Journey Basics

  • Three basic methods recommended to marketers in searching for a video production partner include looking at videos located on other brand's social media channels, using Google to search for local video production companies to use as a starting point, and look for recommendations by other businesses that have used video production companies before. In addition, results of previous work are important to incorporate in the decision-making process.
  • The customer journey for locating and deciding on a video production partner includes the 3 basic methods above used to identify potential partners followed by a process to narrow down the initial list. This process includes a detailed analysis of the results of the producer's work, setting up an in-person (or Zoom during the pandemic) meeting with the short list of candidates to ensure a good fit, ask them clarifying questions, and confirm a timeline of production.
  • A highly recommended step one of the customer journey is to create a project brief that covers the high-level scope of a video project.
  • Other important aspects of the journey involve detailed research of the short list candidates by reviewing their previous work, conversing with previous clients, and identifying how their videos are published.

Decision Making Factors

  • Factors for the decision-making process include the video production company's latest work, the creativity found in their videos, price, production capabilities, and an understanding of the industry.
  • Repeatedly, identifying quality work is stated as one of the most important aspects of a potential video production partner, along with a balance of pricing.
  • Another oft repeated aspect is that a video production company that absolutely understands the goals and is able to meet the needs of the hiring marketing professional.

Finding Clients

  • Intuit provides a guide to video production companies detailing the steps and recommendations for finding clients for a new video production company.

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