BMS & Celgene Merger


To obtain insights, market data, press coverage, industry appearances, and social media perceptions of BMS & Celgene to help develop a communications plan for the merged company.

Early Findings

A number of articles were found that highlighted insights into the BMS/Celgene merger. Some of which includes the resignation of Paul Biondi, the retirement of John Elicker and the partnership between bluebird and BMS in the creation of 'ide-cel.'

Press Search

  • Since the completion of the merger between BMS and Celgene, Paul Biondi, Head of Strategy and Business development has left. He was poised to become one of the 15 member management team members for the newly formed company. BMS is now working to find a replacement for Biondi. This is being done amidst integrating Celgene with BMS' operations.
  • BMS announced the retirement of John Elicker, EVP of the corporate affairs and investor relations department. This will see Elicker leaving in March 2020 and will be replaced by Tim Power.
  • BMS plans to focus on immuno-oncology drugs. As a result, it has sold off drugs, and non-core activities where it is not strong.
  • BMS is now developing "ide-cel" in partnership with bluebird. Celgene was the initial partner working with bluebird on this project. Ide-cel is part of a profit share, co-promotion and co-development agreement between the companies.
  • By this acquisition, BMS Celgene is now the second largest oncology company in the world.

Proposed next steps:

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In our initial research, we were able to do a press scan of the BMS/Celgene merger. We propose continuing the research to find 5-7 additional insights into to merger and the sentiment around the merger. This will also include sentiments found in press articles and social media posts.
Additionally, we propose further research to: 1) Identify four major players in the oncology market. For each player we will provide the markets they serve, the drugs they are developing, partnerships, and technologies used; 2) determine the market size of the oncology market; 3) determine the projected growth.
3-5 major industry events that executives in this field might have appeared.