AI Marketing Tools


Identify artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology tools that are being leveraged in the creative marketing and advertising industry. Examples may include automated reports, creative asset tagging automation, and voice assistant technology. For each tool, detail price, adoption rate, audience, and capabilities, how customizable it is, and other relevant details.

Early Findings

Uses of AI in Marketing

  • According to Lindsay Tjepkema, Marketing Director at Americas Emarsys, AI Marketing is a method of leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer's next move and improve the customer journey.
  • Some examples of AI Marketing include personalized product recommendations, ad optimization, send time optimization, individualized incentives, and virtual assistants.

AI Marketing Tools

  • AI-integrated chatbots are growing in popularity among marketers. Providers of this kind of tool include Drift, Coversica, LivePerson, and Hubspot.
  • Yext is a digital knowledge management company that uses AI to monitor reviews online.
  • uses AI to create personalized newsletters for companies.
  • Drafthorse is an automated marketing asset creation and management tool.
  • Some other leading companies in AI marketing tools include Persado, Trapica, aitarget, Phrasee, Zalster, ReFuel4, Albert, Nudge, and Pattern89.
  • RevealBot allows advertisers to automate all their ad management strategies for Facebook, Google, and Snapchat ads.
    • Some clients include BuildMyMarketing, DIY Furniture Store, DataPro International, and Hotwire Media.
    • For an ad spend of $10,000 or less a month, RevealBot charges a $99 per month subscription fee.
    • RevealBot is more customizable than Facebook Ads Manager as it allows users to create custom conversions, metrics, time frames, and complex condition statements.
    • It has over 12,000 clients around the world and manages over $40 million in advertising budgets monthly.

AI Marketing Agencies

  • AvantGarde is a Swiss-based "AI first" digital marketing agency. It uses AI to optimize brand awareness, lead generation, and online sales.
  • DirectiveGroup, a Florida based marketing agency, advertises its AI MarTech Solutions which include strategic data and analytics, customer-facing personalization, sales process enablement, and digital marketing effectiveness.

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