Research Outline

Professional Womens' Organizations


Identify key trends and opportunities in the professional womens' organizations market. Include insights such as key players and leaders in the space, benchmarks for membership dues, models for monetization, key offerings, and market strategies.

Early Findings

  • Many professional womens' organizations charge annual membership fees, which range from $50 to $250 among established organizations. Other models include charging a monthly fee and charging a one-time registration fee.
  • High-end organizations may charge significantly more than this, however. Chief, an exclusive organization for female executives, charges a membership fee of $5,400 - $7,800. The organization also has grants available for members who cannot pay the fee.
  • In another example, C200 charges an annual membership fee of $1,800, as well as a one-time initiation fee of $1,800.
  • Networking resources are the most common benefit among professional womens' organizations. This can include offerings such as a mentorship program, online communities, networking and professional events, and the opportunity to promote products and services.
  • Another common benefit in professional women's organizations is educational opportunities and resources. This might include access to online tools and resources, courses and seminars, online or live training sessions, workshops, and leadership summits.
  • Some professional womens' organizations also provide access to discounts or offers for products and services such as hotels, rental cars, and professional services. Another common perk is career services including resume services and career coaching.