Video Content and SEO


The goal is to find out why video content increases SEO rankings, best practices for creating good website video content, and case studies of companies that have used video to boost their SEO ranking.

Early Findings

  • Videos on a website can increase organic traffic from SERPs by 157%.
  • Adding a video can lower bounce rates because people tend to spend twice as long on a page with a video than one without.
  • Google is more likely to prioritize search results for webpages that have videos that are hosted on YouTube.
  • Videos can improve SEO ranking simply because they add more context that is relevant to user searches.
  • 90% of people share videos that they find online. This allows sites to gain more backlinks, and 46% of a site's rank is determined by links.
  • To gain SEO, video content should be specific to the audience that is being targeted so that it will be found by those people during a web search.
  • Proper SEO keywords should be used in a video's title and description to ensure it makes it into the top search results.
  • Adding captions to videos allows more keywords to be searched by bots, adding the possibility of higher SEO rankings.
  • Videos that have thumbnails featuring humans have a 30% higher chance of being played.
  • Video posts on social media get 135% more interaction than non-video posts.

Proposed next steps:

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