Research Outline

Direct-to-Consumer Brands Manufacturing Face Shields / Masks in the U.S.


To identify notable emerging direct-to-consumer onshore (US-based operations and manufacturing) firms that are producing stylish face shields and / or masks in the U.S. and using creative consumer-driven branding to sell their products. Research should exclude the larger brands active in this market, such as 3M, Honeywell, MSA Safety, Bullard, Owens and Minor Inc.,
Moldex-Metric Inc., Prestige Ameritech and Alpha Pro Tech Ltd.

Early Findings

Knotty Tie

Alice and Olivia LLC

  • Alice and Olivia LLC is a manufacturing company headquartered in the Greater New York area. The brand is involved in designing, manufacturing, and retailing apparel, accessories, and footwear for women.
  • The company has been selling face masks directly to its consumers through their online portal
  • As claimed by the company on their website, these masks are being manufactured in real time.
  • Coming from a fashion brand, these face masks feature Alice and Olivia’s iconic “Stace Face” pattern and are manufactured from a breathable jersey fabric.
  • The company has been using the hashtag #MaskTogether to inform their customers about their latest mask prints.
  • The #MaskTogether initiative has got more than 1,800 mentions on Instagram till date.