Construction Materials: Official Buildings


To identify the most common materials used in indoor flat surfaces of commercial buildings/small offices with the purpose of identifying the market for a cleaning product line.

Early Findings

  • According to Perillo Construction, the top commercial flooring material are Vinyl, wood, and carpet/carpet tile. The usage of these materials in commercial sites depends on foot traffic, type of business, and budget.
  • Countertops and other flat surfaces can be made from laminate, granite, wood, and a variety of other materials. The article further states that stainless steel, concrete, and granite are some of the best and most durable options on the market.
  • Home Steady states that while there are a variety of materials, the type of materials used to build walls in commercial buildings are generally similar. They are concrete and brick, steel and metals such as aluminum and copper, lumber and Sheetrock, and insulation materials such as fiberglass.
  • According to Kenn, the primary structure of office furniture consists of three families of materials used alone or in combination. These are; wood, metal, and plastic. Wood is the most common office furniture material and comes in the form of solid wood and plywood. Metal furniture is usually built from sheet steel.
  • An article from Archi Expo states that the most common materials using in railing are metal, glass and wood. The most popular metal rail materials include stainless steel, aluminum with steel, wrought iron, and cast iron.

Research proposal:

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