Influencers in France


To provide a list of influencers in France that are clustered by field of influence in the four key areas of: Tech, Music, Feminism, and Pop-Culture who have 20K+, 50K+, or 100K+ followers on social media, preferably Twitter.

Early Findings

Our preliminary research on tech influencers in France revealed insights. Here are key pieces of information we found:

Influencers in France


  • Xavier Neal is a top tech influencer in France and is best known as founder and majority shareholder of Iliad, trading under the Free brand. His initial venture, World-Net, was France’s first internet provider. Mr. Neal currently has 187.8K followers on Twitter.
  • Mounir Mahjoubi is a top tech influencer in France and is a French politician and entrepreneur serving as the secretary of state for digital affairs. He was also deputy general manager for BETC Digital. Mr. Mahjoubi currently has 177.3K followers on Twitter.
  • Gilles Babinet is a top tech influencer in France and is a multi-entrepreneur, having founded a number of companies including eYeka, MXP4 and Africa 4 Tech. He also represents France in the Digital Champions group built by the European Union. Mr. Babinet currently has 82.2K followers on Twitter.
  • Roxanne Varza is a top tech influencer in France and is the director of start-up incubator Station F. She also was the lead for Microsoft’s start-up activities in France and former editor of TechCrunch France. Ms. Varza currently has 59.4K followers on Twitter.
  • Florian Graillot is a top tech influencer in France and is a major investor in the Paris tech scene with a particular focus on fintech and insurtech. He is currently a VC investor and founding partner at, investing in early-stage start-ups in Europe with a focus on technologies that could build the next insurance generation. Mr. Graillot currently has 37.9K followers on Twitter.

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