Key Trends: Skincare (UK & Global)


To determine the key consumer trends in the skincare sector (both UK and global) in order to develop a marketing strategy for a skincare brand.

Early Findings

We were able to find a few skincare consumer trends in the UK and the world. The highest number of repeated trends were chosen for this trend research topic. We've presented our findings in the research below.


  • The rise of sustainable and animal-friendly skincare products has been witnessed globally. Skincare consumers are even expecting brands to take plastic-free initiatives. Animal-friendly and skin-friendly products were among the highest claims made by the global skincare consumers, according to a research report published by Mintel.
  • In the coming years, consumers will tend to focus on considerately packaged products and may also be attracted to brands that are focusing on reduced wastage.
  • Thus, sustainable practices and packaging innovations could be the key drivers in future years globally.
  • Global consumers are now demanding more anti-pollution and anti-blue light products that protect the skin from the environmental aggressors and blue light of digital devices. This has led to a rise in dermo-cosmetics which combines derma science with health.
  • Natural skincare products are becoming popular year after year due to the safety and pureness of these products. Consumers tend to look for products that do not contain harmful ingredients.
  • In the United Kingdom, the most popular claims by skincare and beauty product consumers include products that are cruelty-free (41%), contain natural ingredients (40%), without preservatives (21%), alcohol-free (20%), and vegan-only (5%).
  • Around 77% of British consumers say that they would stop trusting a brand that markets its products as organic but is not certified and does not meet the organic standard.

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