Research Outline

US Truck Parking Shortage


Provide locations in the US with truck parking shortages.
  • Specifically, overlay information on high-traffic truck routes and existing truck parking locations to identify the locations with truck parking shortage problems in the US.
  • Provide the locations in text format or through a map image.

Early Findings

Data Availability

The initial round of research indicates that data availability surrounding the locations in the US with truck parking shortage issues is adequate. The findings from the preliminary research have been presented below.

Shortage in Arkansas

  • According to the Federal Highway Administration, Arkansas faces major truck parking shortage issues. Arkansas has only "66-83 parking spaces per 100,000 daily truck vehicle miles traveled."
  • Until recently, the worst area for trucking parking in Arkansas was the stretch of the I-30 highway between Little Rock and Texarkana. However, due to the closure of the I-40 bridge, the span of the I-40 highway between Memphis and Little Rock has become a packed rest area for truck drivers. Therefore, the parking situation is very unmanaged there.
  • The map for the stretch of the I-30 highway between Little Rock and Texarkana has been provided here.
  • The map for the span of the I-40 highway between Memphis and Little Rock has been provided here.

Shortage in Other Locations

  • According to a report published by the Federal Highway Administration in December 2020, the I-95 highway, Chicago area, and California are some areas with truck parking shortage problems.
  • The maps for Chicago and California are attached here and here, respectively.
  • Other areas with truck parking issues include the pacific corridors, states surrounding the Chicago region, and the I-95 mid-Atlantic and north region.


  • Within the first hour, we have been able to provide some locations in the US that suffer from a truck parking storage problem.
  • These findings were extracted from reports and articles based on the official research conducted by the Federal Highway Administration.
  • For additional locations, we recommend further research. Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below.
  • For all our research, we would focus on the United States.

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