Shear Bolt Manufacturers


The goal is to identify all of the manufacturers that make all types of shear bolts. Once identified, the goal is to create a spreadsheet that compiles, for each manufacturer, all of the shear bolts offered, product numbers, product type, wire size, stud hole size, and stud spacing (if applicable).

Early Findings

  • We have created the attached spreadsheet and entered example information for the first manufacturer, Compound Manufacturing's shear bolt parts.
  • The manufacturer Compound Manufacturing offers 29 different shear bolt parts. Their shear bolt connectors do not specify what wire sizes they are compatible with.
  • Integrity Product has a patent pending on the IP Shear Bolt, which ranges in size from M6x6 to M16x100.
  • Fastenright offers eight different types of shear bolt connectors.
  • Insight Security manufactures one type of shear bolt, an A2 button head bolt.
  • Hafren manufactures an A2 shear bolt in sizes ranging from M6 to M12 with varying length options.
  • Richards MFG offers shear bolt lugs that are meant for use with 600A aluminum or copper conductors.

Proposed next steps:

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