Technology Onboarding Providers


To identify the top 10 global technology onboarding providers to small and medium-sized digital providers of goods or services. For each provider, identify their market scope (the markets and regions in which they are present), their product range (including marketplace solutions which go beyond payments), partnerships, and messaging. This information will be used to construct a competitive analysis for communicating key points of differention for a new business and potential partners to help develop and strengthen messaging.

Early Findings

Digital Onboarding

  • The usage of digital marketplaces, which pairs companies with talent, is growing and expanding beyond more well-known platforms, such as Uber or Taskrabbit.
  • Digital onboarding technology companies leverage technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, to offer authentication solutions, payment solutions, or even time tracking and healthcare solutions. Benefits include time and cost-savings for the companies and their customers.

Top KYC Companies

  • According to VentureRadar, who ranks companies based on a database of 280,000 companies, top KYC companies include Trulioo, Socure, Bitwala, Alloy, Onfido, Sumsub, IndtityMind, Signzy, Coinfirm, SynapsFI, Veri5Digital, and Signicat.
  • Trulioo offers an online identity identification service for the global online marketplace.
  • Socure uses proprietary online and social checks to authenticate new customers.
  • Alloy helps customers manage identity verification.
  • Onfido is a private global technology firm aiming to disrupt the background checking industry.
  • Signzy is positioned as a 'global digital trust system', who offers a convenient method of streamlining back-office operations through artificial intelligence. Services include payment solutions, identity authentication, and providing background information on potential customers or users.
  • IN 2018, Banking CIO Outlook ranked some of the best KYC software solutions companies to include Fenergo (who offers digital onboarding as one of their portfolio of solutions), M2SYS Technology (uses biometric technologies in background checks), SingleSource (who provides a 'compliant, frictionless and easy onboarding service'), and WorldWatch Plus, who delivers AI-driven digital onboarding solutions.

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • In this first hour, we did not find any pre-compiled 'top' lists specifically for digital onboarding solutions providers for small to medium-sized digital marketplaces. However, we did find several lists of recommended and 'top' digital KYC providers, primarily VentureRadar and Banking CIO Outlook, which we used to inform our recommendations.
  • There was some overlap in the recommended lists, but not enough to provide one comprehensive 'top ten' list. Signzy was identified as a top KYC provider on the VentureRadar list.
  • From this early research, we were able to identify a number of technology companies who provide digital onboarding services for the digital marketplace and beyond.

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