Identity Resolution Services for Marketing


To understand the verbiage and terminology used by companies providing identity and resolution services to refer to their products and solutions, especially as they relate to specific client segments, in order to determine whether a branded name or term would be appropriate for a new company entering the space.

Early Findings


  • Signal offers two identity solutions with relatively generic names: Onboard to Activate and Onsight Identity Resolution.
  • Through the company's Onboard to Activate solution, clients upload offline customer data which is matched to online IDs in the brand's first party ID graph powered by Signal's Identity Network platform.
  • With Onsight Identity Resolution, "Signal’s identity platform is able to recognize unauthenticated visitors across channels and map unauthenticated device IDs to a persistent brand identifier, such as a CRM ID, in a brand’s identity graph."
  • Other terms and phrases used by Signal to describe solutions include, "people-based audiences," "user authentication," "real-time onboarding."
  • Signal's messaging is not industry or client specific, rather it is to a broad audience.

Target Data

Additional Marketing Identity Resolution Service Companies

  • A thorough search through industry publications, articles and review sites only resulted in one additional major player in identity resolution services for marketers and publishers.
  • Amperity uses artifical intelligence and the cloud to resolve identities across all platforms.

Research proposal:

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