Research Outline

Global Collectibles Market


1. Identify any research or reports on the broader collectible space;
2. Identify market trends and opportunities within the Chinese, Asian, and European collectible market;
3. Determine the size of the Chinese collectibles market;
4. Determine the volume of transactions in Chinese collectibles market;
5. Identify any available charts on Chinese market;
6. Identify any trends or opportunities of global market;
7. Determine the consumer demographics for collectibles market; and
8. Determine the dealer demographics for the collectibles market,
There should be a focus on cars and coins initially, expanding to comics, photos, and art. This research will be used to inform a presentation.

The following goals were added to the project midway through the research (copied verbatim due to time constraints):
1. Number of people that collect items (any collectible) around the world a.By geo location / country b. China
2. Most popular collectibles in the world a.By Geo location / country b. China
3. Total collectible dealers in the world a. By geo location / country b. China
4. Total collectible auction houses around the world a.By geo location / country b. China
5. Market size of the Chinese collectibles market and any other large market.
6. Recent global collectibles' industry reports

Early Findings

Global Collectibles Market

  • The global collectibles market has an estimated valued of $370 billion. There is huge potential for development, especially in light of the opportunities block chain presents, where the technology has the potential to unlock the collectibles and gaming markets to a new generation.
  • The biggest sub markets with in the collectibles market include cards, coins, militaria, stamps, cars, books, and toys.
  • The global coin collectible market has an estimated value of $17,59 billion with Europe especially experiencing strong growth The market is expected to experience substantial growth over the next five years.
  • The global collectible sports memorabilia market has an estimated value of $5,4 billion. Fakes are becoming an increasing issue in this market.
  • The rare coins market has an estimated value of $10 billion. It was reported in 2019, the collectibles market was on the decline, due in part to oversupply. One of the causative factors for the over supply was the reluctance of younger generations to take on the collections of their parents, brought as investments.
  • The number of collectors globally is estimated at 72,9 million. This equates to approximately 35% of the American population.
  • Ten of the most valuable collectible markets are fine arts, rare coins, thoroughbred horses, gems and stones, stamps, Faberge Eggs, classic and exotic cars, fine wines, Chinese porcelain, and timepieces.
  • It is difficult to estimate the value of the fine arts market, however, the highest price ever paid for a painting was $450,312,500 in 2017. The painting was Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvador Mundi.


  • There is a considerable amount of information available regarding the collectibles market. There is less information available on the Chinese market specifically, with there being significant variances between the different topic areas. We have tried to organize the request into smaller projects.
  • The preference for charts is also noted.