Research Outline

IMD World Digital Competitiveness Index


To provide a list of the inputs/indicators in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, which should include the input/indicator and the source of the data.

Early Findings

IMD Digital Competitiveness

  • Overall, there are 3 Digital Competitiveness Factors in the 2020 IMD Digital Competitiveness Rankings, namely: Knowledge, Technology, and Future Readiness
  • Under the Knowledge Factor, there are 3 sub-factors: Talent, Training & education, and Scientific concentration
  • Under the Technology Factor, there are 3 sub-factors: Regulatory framework, Capital, and Technological framework.
  • Under the Future Readiness Factor, there are 3 sub-factors: Adaptive attitudes, Business agility, and IT integration.
  • The 9 sub-factors are further divided into 52 criteria rankings/indicators.

Summary of Findings

We have created a spreadsheet and entered some of the requested details of the IMD Digital Competitiveness Index, based on the 3 factors. We have provided: the factor, sub-factor, criteria/indicator, and source. We have provided each of the factors in each its own tab in the spreadsheet, and also entered some details on the sub-factors, indicators and sources for each tab. However, due to time constraints, we were not able to complete the spreadsheet with the required/available information.