Research Outline

Single-phased Liquid Immersion Cooling Systems


To identify 2-3 single-phase immersion cooling systems that will fit into a 40-foot container. We will include detailed specifications, set-up requirements, and estimated costs, as well as estimated energy savings for the system.

Early Findings

Fujitsu Liquid Immersion Cooling System

  • The set-up features a closed-bath, single-phase immersion cooling system that puts servers in a fully submerged system that uses a fluorocarbon-based inert fluid called Fluoinert (3M).
  • A single bath system has a 16-unit bath space that has an easy maintenance system, as the liquid refill is minimized by the unit's closed-bath design. The unit space can be increased to 64 as the rack can contain up to 4 bath systems.
  • The system also features temperature alert sensors and an auto shut down control system.
  • The bath is compatible with the EIA 19-inch width specifications.
  • According to the manufacturer, the system saves 40% on electricity because of its power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.07.
  • The smart design also allows for bigger "server density in the same installation space, contributing to reductions in the total cost of ownership (TCO)."
  • Unfortunately a price for the product was not available as the customer has to contact the company for a quote.


  • The HashRaQ tank is a single-phase 52 unit rack filled with the GRC ElectroSafe™ coolant.
  • The tank features "GRC’s Foresight monitoring and alerts application , integrated cable management, rack-mounted service rails for easy server maintenance, and cooling towers and plumbing up to CDUs."
  • The system is specifically made for ASIC/GPU mining.
  • The tank features a 10-20% server load reduction plus an average power reduction of ~50% because of its PUE of under 1.05.
  • It also cuts the required "cooling energy by up to 95%".
  • The system cools up to 100kW per rack.
  • The installation is performed by a service engineer on-site but the customer needs to properly prepare the site beforehand. The step-by-step preparation guide can be found here.
  • The company requires the customer to pay 80% of the price beforehand, 10% of the price before or upon delivery, and 10% of the price within 10 days of installation.
  • Specific pricing was not provided.