Coronavirus Impact on Dental Service Providers


To determine the coronavirus impact on dental practices, including how human behavior will influence the industry.

Early Findings

Coronavirus impact on dental service providers

  • In view of the increasing spread of the virus and the precautionary measures taken by governments, dental practices will most likely see a decrease in workload.
  • As the virus spreads, dental providers will also have to implement strict hygiene rules and inspection in order to prevent inspection.
  • In fact, it has been reported that the coronavirus is present in the saliva, which means that if some systems like the ultrasonic scaling and air polishing get infected with the virus, they can quickly infect the patients and the clinicians.
  • There has also been a big shrotage on protection masks as most of them are supplied from China, which is under heavy quarantine.
  • Some mask providers have even put a cap on the number of boxes they distribute to healthcare organization as the shortage spreads.

Behavior towards Coronavirus

  • The widespread panic related to the Coronavirus pandemic has turned people towards bulk-buying and isolation.
  • Most people have responded to the threat by improving personal hygiene (61%) while others tend to avoid crowded/public places or contact with others.
  • The problem is that, at the moment, there is no vaccine to the virus, which enhances people's fears and isolationism, as not having contact with others decreases the chance of getting the disease.
  • The widespread closing of schools, workplaces, and other public institutions have only helped increase the likelihood of that behavior.

Proposed next steps:

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