Research Outline

Beverages in UK Italy Germany


Support a discussion on market trends with a beverage packaging company by helping build an understanding of how beverage companies in Italy, UK, and Germany have dealt with the COVID-19 crisis. The report should focus on big brands in water, soft drinks, and beer.

Early Findings


  • San Pellegrino is the largest water brand in Italy. It had 18.6% market share in 2017. San Benedetto is second (17.1% market share.)
  • In sparkling mineral water, Acqua Lete had the lead with 23.2% of the market.
  • Brands owned by multinational corporations dominate the soft drink market, with the Coca Cola group, the Pepsico group, Red Bull, and the Orangina Schweppes group doing very well.
  • There are also famous local soft drink brands, like Chinotto, Sanbittèr, Aranciata San Pellegrino or Crodino. Most are produced by the San Pellegrino group, with Campari producing the Crodino.
  • Heineken dominated the market share in Italy in 2018 with a 30.8% share.


  • When it comes to beer, Stella Artois leads the lager category while Guinness leads ales and stouts. Birra Morretti is doing very well.
  • The top still water brands drank in the UK are Highland Spring, Evian, Buxton, Nestlé Pure Life and Volvic, which together are 30% of all bottled water sales. Volvic Touch of Fruit, Calypso Clear, Trederwen Essence, Drench Juicy and Perfectly Clear are the top water+ brands, and they make up 5% of the market.
  • When it comes to soft drinks, Coca-Cola holds 40% of the market share for the country's carbonate sales. Britvic is second with 13%, as they bottle for Pepsi and also produce their own drinks (Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Tango). Suntory also does well (producing Ribena and Lucozade), as does AG Barr, who produces Irn-Bru.